The Football League partners with intechnologyWiFi in ground-breaking seven-year deal to deliver official club mobile applications and stadium WiFi connectivity for clubs, at no cost.


Football League fans will soon be treated to new, official mobile applications for their favourite teams, providing a go-to digital hub for real-time content on the club, including the best of news and live social media, links to betting, commentary, highlights, results and fixtures.


Fans will be able to access and use these club mobile applications seamlessly – 24/7, 
365-days-a-year – even within the stadium of their club during a busy match-day, thanks to the state-of-the-art, high-capacity stadium WiFi networks intechnologyWiFi will deliver as part of the deal.


  • Both the development and delivery of the club mobile applications, and the installation and management of the stadium WiFi networks, will be provided by intechnologyWiFi at NO COST to The Football League, the clubs or fans.


  • The mobile applications will also deliver a host of new commercial opportunities to the clubs.


The club mobile applications are being developed for iOS and Android users and will be free to download from the respective app stores.


The stadium WiFi networks will ‘power’ the mobile application within the stadiums on 
match-days, and rather than facilitating open access to ‘the internet’, the mobile applications will deliver the complete digital match-day experience – from in-play betting links, to a social media stream and the capability to share to outside networks, live scoring and statistics.


intechnologyWiFi is able to call upon state-of-the-art equipment in the design of WiFi networks equipped for the significant burden of thousands of users at the same time. The company also possess the in-house expertise in network planning and design, backhaul and infrastructure implementation to ensure the stadium WiFi solution is best in class, achieving optimum coverage and capacity. 


Shaun Harvey, Chief Executive of The Football League, said: ‘I am absolutely delighted to welcome intechnologyWiFi to work with The Football League and its clubs.


‘Once again, The Football League is leading the way with regard to delivering digital solutions to its member clubs, so that they can enhance the supporter experience at their matches.  The fact that intechnologyWiFi is able to deliver this solution at no cost, while also facilitating new revenue streams for our clubs, made this a compelling proposition.’


Peter Wilkinson, CEO, Intechnology plc, said: ‘This deal is a much needed game-changer for the football fan wanting to enjoy their sport to the fullest and get closer to their club than ever before.


‘Anyone who has tried to log-on in a stadium during a busy football match will know the sheer frustration of poor connectivity caused by bad WiFi or overburdened cellular networks (i.e. 3G or 4G), which can also be hugely expensive (in terms of data) for users. Our solution will revolutionise the digital match-day experience for fans, harnessing the power of great WiFi connectivity and the smartphone in the palm of their hand to deliver a market-defining digital content offering.’


Natalie Duffield, CEO, intechnologyWiFi, said: ‘Football fans are set to enjoy a revolution to their match-day experience, through the power of our innovative mobile application.’


‘intechnologyWiFi is truly breaking the mould for the delivery of stadium connectivity and mobile content to clubs, with a WiFi technical solution within the stadium – installed and managed end-to end – allied to a world-class, club-branded mobile app, with content curated by experts around the clock to keep fans engaged 24/7 and drive long-term, sustainable revenues for the club.’