How To Invest Your Football Bet Winnings?

While many people simply want to go out and spend the money that they win betting on football, there’s a lot to be said for investing your winnings wisely instead.


Whether you’ve won a lot or a little, there are lots of ways you can put your money to good use. So, the next time you head online to one of the best online betting apps to place a wager on your favourite team, put a little thought into what you’ll do when you scoop a win. Sure, you could purchase something you’ve always longed for, but if your winnings are burning a hole in your pocket, you should hold back a moment. Take a look at some of these investment ideas that could see your win mount up to a more impressive sum over time.


Use Your Money Wisely

If you’ve won just a few pounds, of course you won’t need to sit down and plan for your financial future! However, if you’ve won a significant sum, working out how you’re going to spend it could be more problematic than you imagined. Nobody should throw away a large amount of money on thoughtless purchases. If you fritter away thousands of pounds on things which don’t really matter, you won’t be left with anything to show for your good fortune and success.


Therefore, if you’ve won a decent amount of money, your plan for your financial future should always have some form of investment included in it. This will help you to give you extra security. Here, we’re going to suggest some sound investment possibilities that you might want to consider, and you may decide to opt for one or all of them depending on how much money you’ve been lucky enough to win.


Invest In Real Estate

One of the top investments for anyone who has won a large amount of money betting on football is to buy property. Investing in real estate is one of the most recommended options that experts suggest when giving advice to those with significant sums of money to spend. If you buy a house or apartment for yourself to live in, you’ll no longer need to pay rent. This will enable you to carry on saving in the long term for your future. If you already have a house, you may want to invest in a buy to let property instead. Take care not to buy something too big though – remember that property comes with its own additional costs including taxes and maintenance expenses, so don’t overstretch your finances.


Low Risk Investments

A large proportion of your winnings should be put into secure and solid forms of investment that are low risk. Savings accounts with a generous rate of interest, precious metals or bonds are all good choices of low risk investment that you might want to consider. One thing to bear in mind is that, while a lower yield from these investments is acceptable, you should always make certain that the yield isn’t lower than the rate of inflation. One of the best things about low risk investments is that you can convert them into cash rapidly should you ever need to do so in an emergency.


Mid-Risk Investments

Investments with a medium risk are always a good option, but you need to take care if you’re inexperienced. Buy stocks by all means, but if you’re lacking in experience, it’s always best to choose blue-chip stocks for your own safety. Forget day trading, simply buy your stocks for a good price and leave them alone. Over the long term, you should find that your yield is fairly good from this type of investment.


High Risk Investments

Although high risk investments aren’t for everyone, you may find that it’s worth the risk of investing in an asset which is a little more risky. Perhaps you’ve always wanted your own business but never wanted to take out a bank loan? You could fund it with your winnings. Or perhaps you would like to invest in a startup that has taken your interest in the hope that it’ll become a huge success in the future? Only you can judge whether it’s worth your while to invest your hard-won money in this way, but if you choose to do this, make sure that you don’t put all your financial eggs into this one risky basket.


Whatever you choose to do with your football winnings, it makes sense to invest them in a way which will be an asset to you rather than a burden. Having a secure financial background gives you a lot of freedom, both physically and mentally, and will help to give you a bright future, so take the time to do your research and to plan your investments wisely.


Image: PA Images