AVK GmbH is an international company located in Vienna, Austria, specialising in the complex equipping of sports facilities at different levels, from school sports halls to Olympic stadiums.


fcbusiness finds out more about the service they provide.


You have Olympic and World Championship pedigree; does this mean your services are of equal standard?


The answer is Yes! AVK GmbH is an official member and partner of IAKS (International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities) and all services are offered in accordance to the requirements of FIFA.


Clubs have a broad range of facility requirements, how are AVK GmbH placed to service those needs?


In the past 10 years we’ve had the privilege of working with sport clubs in different regions all over the world, which gave our already highly skilled team the chance to gather a lot more experience. We can affirm, without exaggerating, that we know everything about the high standards of services required by professional clubs/sportsmen and that we are more than confident we can find an appropriate, individual solution for every unusual and interesting task.


Can you give examples of venues you’ve worked with?


We’ve worked at the Kazan Arena (RU), Metalist Arena (UA), BLA Big Ice Arena in Sochi, Olympic Swimming complex (AZ) plus many more.


How important is it that a club has a facilities partner that understands their specific needs?


It’s as important as having a good doctor or a lawyer. First of all it saves a lot of time in communication, money and last but not least – nerves. Sports clubs are very complex organisations, the infrastructure should work like a Swiss watch 24/7. Big parts of our team are professional sportspeople themselves; this helps us to better understand all the specific needs of our partners.


Can clubs expect after sales customer service?


Yes, we can offer a complex set of services that ranges from preparing the specification of equipment, shipment and delivery, to installation and warranty and after-warranty service as well.