There have been some interesting launches this summer, and a lot of attention has been focused on the channel & method of launching the kit and/or new players.


Particularly, a lot has been mentioned around the social media posts via whatsapp, snapchat, facebook etc…


We decided to take a very crude data approach, ‘simple’ one might say. We wanted to see which clubs got the most website traffic to their online merchandise stores COMPARED to their previous 6 months. This is to reveal if there was a ‘spike’ in activity for their new kit launch.


To find out how Barnsley was classified at the top read the full article to find outhttps://blog.discountif.com/barnsley-had-the-best-online-kit-launch-for-17-18-season-a0e550264e94


As always we’d be happy to listen to your feedback and thoughts on the subject.


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