Despite being the EU’s smallest member state, Malta has been in the spotlight as one of the top countries to consider doing business in and benefit from special tax status residency programmes.


Over the years, the Maltese government have developed a consistent strategy to attract foreign investments into the country and become a leading financial hub in the world with regional ties with Norther African markets and the Middle East. 


The island has become an attractive proposition for non-European football players looking to gain Maltese citizenship under the Malta Individual Investor Programme. As Malta is based within the EU, this then allows them freedom of movement within the European Union and thus allowing them to play for any European club.


Another attractive feature of the programme is the opportunity of visa-free travel throughout the Schengen zone, which can ease the administrative burden for travel requirements. The programme also allows for successful applicants to add their dependents, which in turn also gives them the opportunity to benefit from the programme.


Malta Citizenship by Investment Programme – European passport


The “Malta Individual Investor Programme” is the first citizenship by investment programme in the European Union to be approved by the European Commission.


Eligibility and requirements can be found here in an informative video interview: Malta Citizenship by Investment Programme


We have successfully assisted and advised high net worth individuals and their families complete the whole application process and effectively gain citizenship through naturalisation.   


What are the benefits of considering moving to Malta?


The Maltese islands are attracting many football players with great weather all year around, easy integration with local communities and crystal clear seas alongside sandy beaches. Situated in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, with very easy access to all major cities in Europe and North Africa, Malta offers daily flights to major European and North African cities. Strategically located between Sicily and North Africa, having the option to be close to your football club is of great importance to many.


Malta also has built up a reputation as a financial services centre of note and has attracted many investors with its attractive fiscal and tax incentives. If planned correctly, Malta is a very tax efficient jurisdiction to hold and manage intellectual property rights. This affords the football player or his/her advisers a myriad of tax planning opportunities with regards to his/her image rights, estate planning and wealth management. Thus, giving the football player the opportunity to maximise his/her earning potential and safeguard his/her economic future.


Doing business in Malta


Doing business in Malta has never been easier and the island’s leaders have made it a particular focus to attract direct foreign investments in Malta by offering advantageous tax incentives. The competitive Malta tax system is a unique system that goes against the usual classical tax system that is utilized in most other countries. In addition, Malta has negotiated in excess of 70 double taxation agreements which further compliment the tax system.


A key component often over looked is that Malta is a European Union Member State and thus benefits from the parent subsidiary directive which restricts the double taxation of dividends from a subsidiary to a parent company that is situated within another European Union country. This once again affords a number of tax planning opportunities for the professional sportsperson.


A robust, EU-compliant regulatory framework, diverse ecosystem and highly-skilled workforce help contribute to the success story of European Malta.


Private client advisory services


Papilio Services Limited specialise in offering private client services to high net worth individuals with a strong focus on bespoke residence, tax advisory and corporate services. The company is fully licenced by the Malta Financial Services Authority and Identity Malta.