Tottenham Hotspur Stadium - the UK’s first to provide fans with high-performance connectivity for all mobile network operators and a foundation for 5G technologies.

Shared Access, an independent owner and operator of wireless communications infrastructure, has enabled pervasive wireless connectivity throughout Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.



This state-of-the-art stadium provides dedicated in-building coverage from all UK mobile network operators, offering unprecedented capacity and flexibility for attendees.


Shared Access and its technology partner JMA Wireless designed and implemented the stadium’s wireless system to enable seamless, uninterrupted connectivity for more than 62,000 fans at sold out games elevating the digital fan experience.


The system, based on the JMA TEKO platform, not only supports today’s wireless requirements, but its flexible nature is also prepared to power the next evolution of 5G performance and addition of virtualised RAN managed services.


“Creating an enhanced mobile infrastructure is a major component in creating a world-class venue, that allows our fans to be connected at all times,” said Sanjeev Katwa, head of technology at Tottenham Hotspur. “The Shared Access solution is revolutionary and is transforming the way we connect with our fans and staff.”


Located in North London, the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium replaces the club’s previous arena, White Hart Lane. The new stadium officially opened on 3rd April 2019 when the home team hosted Crystal Palace in a 2-0 victory for Tottenham.


With a capacity of over 62,000, the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is the second-largest stadium in the UK and the world’s first fully cashless stadium only accepting bank cards, mobile payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay, or stadium-issued cards like the Stadium Access Card, prepaid or gift cards.


With over 62,000 fans requiring simultaneous high-speed mobile access for in-stadium digital fan experiences like access to exclusive content and fan competitions as well as making mobile payments, live-streaming, and accessing mobile apps, the football club turned to Shared Access to provide the technological infrastructure to make it happen.


“Working closely with Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and JMA Wireless, we as the neutral host, led the design, project management, build and financing of the system to enable full mobile voice and data capabilities across the new stadium, including six external high level macro-antennas mounted on the stadium facade, and a network of lamp-post mounted small cells to provide contiguous connectivity for fans moving to and from the stadium,” said Shared Access CEO, Chris Jackman.


He added: “The key factor in achieving success was also working closely with the mobile network operators to establish commercial arrangements that attracted the operators to connect to the system, and of course financing of the project was key, someone had to step up with the total costs for the entire solution at commercial risk – we did that.”


JMA Wireless products were seamlessly integrated into the stadium design, featuring 156 TEKO 5-band Low Power Remote Units and over 44 venue antennas to provide the coverage and capacity required to support the digital needs of over 62,000 fans. In total, Shared Access installed over 30 total sectors in the stadium, 24 indoor and six outside, all supporting Multiple-In Multiple Out (MIMO) cellular signal.


TEKO’s flexible nature allows operators to seamlessly make the shift to XRAN, JMA Wireless virtualised RAN technology, which stadiums across Europe are using to lower costs, reduce power and cooling requirements and optimise physical footprint in deploying wireless networks.


The TEKO platform is the only system in the industry enabling this kind of transformation. It is also ready for new 5G-based technologies such as NR (known as New Radio), and others that will further optimise performance to easily meet the needs and requirements that data-hungry next generation mobile fan experiences.


“As stadiums plan their wireless networks today, they must also consider how they will fulfill future 5G requirements,” said Andrea Casini, vice president of international sales for JMA Wireless. “The wireless system deployed by our partner Shared Access at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is ready to handle today’s mobile demands and prepared to scale for the future.”


Tottenham Hotspur Stadium will host two NFL 2019 season games thanks to its retractable artificial surface that slides across the pitch to accommodate a field that can rival any stateside arena. The hope is that one day Tottenham Hotspur Stadium can host the NFL’s Super Bowl and its own London-based franchise.


Thanks to JMA Wireless and partners providing the technological infrastructure needed for big events, including four out of the last five Super Bowl arenas, that is a real possibility. The future looks connected, interactive and bright for the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.


For more information about the wireless deployments please visit Shared Access and check out the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Fan Guide where you can learn more about the elevated digital fan experience.


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