In Focus: Web Sheriff® To Protect Footballers From Online Abuse

In response to football’s ever-growing problem of online abuse and racist and sexist trolling, Web Sheriff® – protector-in-chief to the stars of the music and movie business – rolls out its services to the sports industry.



These days, you don’t have to be a Hollywood A-Lister or a Rock’n’Roll Superstar to become a victim of online trolling and cyber-stalkers. In fact, in many ways, football has now overtaken show-business as the fulcrum of internet abuse.


Don’t suffer in silence, however, as the solution is at-hand. Web Sheriff® has been successfully protecting the stars of show-business since the advent of the internet and, over the past two decades, has developed pioneering and world-leading solutions to the problems faced by celebrities and sports stars online (often daily).


Not only does Web Sheriff® constantly monitor the internet and swiftly remove misogynistic and racist posts etc – including from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube of course – but its teams of ‘troll hunters’ also track-down and identify trolls and stalkers that cross-the-line. As necessary, subpoenas are also issued and which compel the social media platforms and telecoms companies to disclose account details of any infringers who can’t be traced by more routine investigations. In the worst cases, these details are then passed onto the Police and law enforcement authorities and so that charges can be brought.


Successfully tackling online abuse is just one facet of the many services provided by Web Sheriff® and which extend to Reputation Management, Social Media Optimization, YouTube Optimization, Search Engine Management, Brand Protection, Privacy Protection, On-Line Security and much more.


Web Sheriff® also specialises in online ‘health-checks’ for celebrities and now for footballers and clubs as well – as, to shape your web-presence, you truly have to know every aspect of your web-presence.


These days, rights owners and personalities are faced with a daunting array of on-line issues – the paparazzi, social media, search engines, scammers, domain squatters and worse – the list goes on (and on!) … so team-up with Web Sheriff® to audit and analyse your web-presence and build a better, brighter, online future.


Web Sheriff® has been representing superstars, celebrities, conglomerates, businesses and stalker victims since the turn of the century – helping to deliver safety and peace-of-mind in the process … and so, whatever your on-line issues, We Solve Problems™.





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