UEFA’s Head of Disciplinary and Integrity, Emilio Garcia will lead a panel of experts in a discussion on Integrity In Football at this year’s Soccerex Global Convention.


Garcia will be joined by leading sports lawyer, Daniel Cravo, CAS Arbitrator Ricardo de Buen and CEO and Founder of Vega Swiss Asset Management and former Swiss international, Ramon Vega in analysing the standards of governance in modern football administration.


In a panel titled “Integrity in Football Governance” they will discuss the recent controversy football’s governing bodies have been caught up in and look at what can be done to introduce greater transparency and preserve the integrity of football as a whole.


Garcia, will be giving insight on the state of European football and the reputational damage of football’s governing bodies as well as the difficulties facing them in attempting to create legislation to regulate for the game in a global market place.


Cravo, Pastl & Balbuena Senior partner Daniel Cravo, who provides services to football clubs, federations, agents and players will be present on the panel speaking about his experience with football’s governing bodies and the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).


Daniel is active at the Higher Court of Sports Justice in football related cases as well as being the Vice President of the Special Committee on Legislation and Sports Law at the Brazilian Bar Association.


Ricardo de Buen will discuss his role with CAS and give his legal expertise on the latest issues surrounding the game. Being involved with the CAS, Ricardo has worked on the settlement of many sport-related disputes.


He will give his views around the integrity of football’s governing bodies, and what they can do in order to restore honesty throughout the game.


Ex-professional footballer and now CEO and founder of Vega Swiss Asset Management, Ramon Vega will bring his expertise in business and management to the panel.


Vega will share his knowledge and expertise in the area of integrity having played the game at the highest levels, represented clubs such as Tottenham Hotspur and Celtic, as well as earning caps for his country Switzerland.


With his playing days behind him, his focus has turned to the world of business with his hedge fund company currently managing assets worth in the region of £2.5 billion.


In 2015, Ramon also made the decision to put himself forward for FIFA presidency, during the time of heavy corruption links within the organisation. With Ramon stating his vision of restoring stability and tranquillity within the governing body, his campaign illustrated his firm stance on integrity within the game.


Emilio, Daniel, Ricardo and Ramon will all be contributing to the thought provoking conference programme in the form of a discussion based panel, providing delegates access to unique content from leading industry members.


The Global Convention as a whole is designed to deliver business insight across a variety of key sectors and subject matters ranging from sponsorship and fan engagement to technological innovations and stadium development.