IronHide Seating Solutions: Stadium Seating Colour Restoration

Stadium Support Services is delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with IronHide Seating Solutions, a US based market leader in the restoration of plastic colour pigments within stadia seats.


This exciting new partnership will enable stadiums in the UK to restore their seating back to their former glory whilst avoiding the expensive costs associated with seat replacement. Our team can come to site and carry out a demonstration free of charge so that you can see for yourself the results.


Our system not only revitalises the stadium bowl, but it avoids removing perfectly usable seating and the negative environmental impact this causes. Stadium seats fade because the sun bleaches the plastic pigment, meaning the substrate is still structurally intact but the colour has been effectively baked out due to the UV exposure.


No amount of buffing, compounding, or sanding and flame heating will bring the colour back and such treatment can actually damage the plastic and structural integrity of the seat. Constructed primarily using either polyethylene (PPE) or polypropylene (PPO), these plastics are classified as “Low Energy” surfaces, they are nonporous and slick to the touch. Standard paints and coatings will not readily absorb or stick properly. Whilst ideal for strength and long-term durability, these plastics still fade. Even indoor facilities still fade over time.


IronHide Seating Solutions’ proprietary colour coating process is now only available exclusively in Europe with the partnership of our two companies. It is formulated and designed to specifically adhere to stadium seats. These coatings are UV resistant and will expand and contract with the plastic in all climate conditions. We are so confident in our ability to restore your seats and the effectiveness of our products that we offer a 3-year guarantee against fading.


Get in touch today to arrange a free demonstration and see how we can help deliver a bright new stadium for when the spectators return that will not break the bank.