Have you considered the impact the mental side of the game has on you, your players, their performance and ultimately your team’s results?


As players, coaches and managers alike come under ever-increasing pressures to perform, particularly towards the end of the season when teams at both ends of the Premiership or other league tables are pushing either for promotion, the title or a place in the Champions’ League, Europa Cup or simply to save themselves from the humiliation of relegation – it’s becoming more and more important.


Working with players on both sides of the table, across multiple leagues, players and coaches will ultimately thrive and survive depending on the quality of their mental strength (or lack of).


This 2-day Sports Mental Performance Coach Certification Course will teach you the skills and methodologies used by sports professionals the World over, which you can then use to make a very real difference to the people you want to coach and even to your own performance.


The course will be delivered by Peak Mental Performance Coach and Director of Wider Vision Ltd, Andy Barton; one of the UK’s leading performance consultants, with a worldwide client base working in the areas of sport, business the performing arts and personal development.


Andy, particularly known for his work in the sports field where his clients include Premiership footballers, European Tour golfers, Olympians, international rugby players, cricketers, tennis players and motor sport competitors, has teamed up with the leaders in digital performance mindset coaching for youth players,, to deliver a 2-day Mental Performance Coach certification course for managers, coaches and players at every level.


“It is a true pleasure to team up with SMA on this exciting venture. We are looking to make a very real difference to the way mental skills are taught in football both in the UK and around the World. The Mental Performance Coach certification course is a great opportunity to work directly with coaches, players and parents to provide them with effective techniques and methodologies that make a significant difference to sports performance”, said Andy Barton.


Yal Bekar, founder and CEO of Soccer Mindset Academy added, “Andy Barton is one of the top performance coaches in The UK and Europe and we are excited to be collaborating with him. The principles and techniques he teaches both in our ground breaking SMA online course and on The Mental Performance Coach certification course are truly game changing and we look forward to empowering players, coaches and managers with our training.”


This course is for you if…

  • You are a coach who wants to develop a greater understanding of how the mental side of performance can impact on your players
  • You are a player who wants to learn how to improve your own mental performance
  • Or you are somebody interested in working in the field of mental performance coaching


Discover how to get incredible on and off pitch results for your team and players when you discover the mental performance coaching techniques already used in the top flights to boost sports performance.


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