Leeds United Football Club have announced a unique new partnership with Greenpeace, which will see the global environmental organisation’s logo adorn the front of all junior replica club shirts.


The new partnership will see the Club highlight some of the major environmental issues currently facing the planet, with a focus on raising awareness for Greenpeace’s campaign to protect the world’s rainforests and to support Greenpeace’s campaign to protect marine life such as whales, sharks and turtles from destructive fishing, pollution and climate change.


It is an unprecedented move for both the Football Club and the organisation. This is the first time Leeds United will use its junior replica shirts to promote a charitable cause, and the first time the Greenpeace name will appear on a football shirt.  


When each replica shirt is purchased, a £5 donation will be made to the Greenpeace Environmental Trust, which will be used in a campaign to protect rainforests from Indonesia to the Amazon.


Greenpeace, who are regarded as one the world’s leading environmental organisations, have a track record of taking on companies involved in rainforest destruction and bringing about real change on the ground.


Paul Bell, United’s Executive Director, said: “We are delighted to have entered into this unique partnership with Greenpeace, the first time that the organisation has ever worked with a football club in this way.


“Throughout the season we will work closely with the organisation and use our marketing platforms to help Greenpeace raise awareness of some of the major environmental issues facing the planet and help highlight how we can all help to protect our environment.”


John Sauven, Greenpeace UK’s executive director, added: “We’re really excited that Leeds United Football Club have decided to team up with us to protect the world’s rainforests. An area of forest the size of a football pitch is destroyed every few seconds by loggers or other industries.


“Deforestation doesn’t just wipe out the habitats of endangered species like orangutans and tigers – it also fuels more climate change. We hope the universal language of football will help to inspire a new generation of young people to make a stand against the destruction of some of the world’s most precious environments.”


 Football advertising restrictions do not allow the promotion of gaming companies on junior football shirts, therefore the logo of the Club’s new Official Shirt Sponsor, 32Red, will only appear on adult Leeds United shirts during the sponsorship period.


This provides the Club with the opportunity to promote an alternative organisation or charity on the junior replica shirts during each season of our sponsorship with 32Red.


The Club, with the approval of 32Red, has chosen to join forces with Greenpeace this season to help promote what it sees as a very worthy, worldwide cause.