Mansfield Town owners John and Carolyn Radford have issued the final cheque to former owner Keith Haslam under the terms of the deal agreed in March 2012 to purchase One Call Stadium.

John Radford purchased Mansfield Town Football Club in 2011 whereby he commenced litigation proceedings against Keith Haslam for purported breaches which had occurred whilst Mr Haslam was the owner of MTFC.



In March 2012 the pair agreed to compromise their dispute and under the terms of the settlement agreement Mr Haslam agreed to sell the stadium to a company controlled by Mr Radford.  As part of this settlement it was agreed to pay the purchase price for the stadium over a number of years with Mr Haslam retaining certain minor rights over the stadium.



With the final payment issued last week, it means the club are now fully in control of One Call Stadium.  


Commenting on the deal, chairman John Radford, said: “When I did the deal with Keith I looked forward to this day and being able to announce that we were completely in control of our own destiny as regards One Call Stadium.  This is great news for me and the club.”