Been promoted and need facilities that will improve your team’s performance?

When clubs are promoted to the Premier League they often need to upgrade their training facilities but they also need to find a solution that will have little impact on the team’s preparations.



This was the case for AFC Bournemouth, who, when they had to find a solution fast, turned to Modulek who came to the rescue with a bespoke, but affordable, yet high quality solution, all within a very tight time-frame of 17 weeks.


So when the Wolverhampton Wanderers was faced with a similar situation earlier this year, Modulek helped them to create a two-phase solution to avoid disruption to the players training schedule.


Modular Misconception

When most people hear the word modular, the first thing that they think of is those cold, bleak and dismal modular buildings that they used to sit in during their school days. However, times have changed and Modulek is proving this by creating bespoke, high quality buildings for Championship and Premier League football clubs. 


AFC Bournemouth wanted a building that was very smart and reflected the brand of the club, something they didn’t believe could be achieved when using modular. Our design team created a bespoke solution that fitted with the club’s values and aspirations, proving how much modular construction has developed and changed within the last sixty years.


In a similar vein, Wolverhampton Wanderers now have their very own wolf crest on their building, creating a facility that it is unique and symbolic to the club. Both clubs have utilised modern design to create something that reflects their own requirements and accommodates the needs of every single person that helps the team be successful.


Bespoke Buildings

Clubs often have very unique and specialist requirements but not a lot of space to accommodate them. With modular construction, your building can be designed to optimise space usage. Within one building you can incorporate several different facilities.


AFC Bournemouth required bespoke equipment such as hydrotherapy pools, ice baths and gym equipment, as well as creating a restaurant for the team with a balcony that overlooked the pitch. By choosing modular, AFC Bournemouth could create a building that catered fully for team requirements, with the knowledge that they had chosen a flexible building that could be changed and relocated if the need arose in the future.


Over at Wolverhampton Wanderers another benefit of modular construction was discovered – modular buildings are like Lego! They can be extended and parts added – they can also be added to existing buildings. However, when inside you wouldn’t even know you were in a modular building, showing how Modulek is revolutionising the industry with bespoke, unique designs.


Pressed For Time?

AFC Bournemouth required their building within 17 weeks and they hadn’t even got to the planning stage. At Modulek, all our buildings are built offsite, allowing groundworks and on-site preparation to run parallel to the main building works.


This was important to AFC Bournemouth as it minimised disruption to the team, allowing them to continue training whilst the new building was installed. Within 12 weeks, the Modulek team had worked day and night to achieve planning. This only left 5 weeks for the building to be installed and commissioned. Modulek’s expertise in this area ensured the building was completed on time and on budget.


For clubs faced with a very tight time-frame and a tight budget for completing such significant upgrades reducing risk around delays and over-expenditure are essential. With Modulek, AFC Bournemouth didn’t have to worry about these risks as all modular buildings are built indoors where weather has very little impact and the programme of works can be delivered as expected.


Ultimately, AFC Bournemouth took ownership of a building that was uniquely designed in close collaboration with our design team and the club’s executives and featured bespoke fittings all costed with our fixed price MF7 Formula.


With modular construction, you can choose what you want, when you want that is designed just for you…choose modular construction for your next project.