OnePlan To Launch Event Site Planning in 3D and 3D+

OnePlan, the event site planning platform, is launching a ground-breaking new product: fully interactive event planning in 3D and 3D+.



The platform will enable event site planners to collaborate in full 3D, in real-time, with moving objects and infrastructure as they wish, and with incredibly realistic views of how their stadiums, venues and sites will actually look during their events. 


The innovative new platform will be launched during an online Keynote event on December 8, 2020. 


OnePlan is already being used by FIBA (International Basketball Federation) and World Triathlon, as well as teams from the English Premier League, NBA and MLB – plus Glastonbury festival and many more using its innovative technology. 


Users will now be able to customise any aspect of their event site in 3D+ for day or night; lighting on or off; in rain or shine; for flooding; and so much more. 


This is real innovation for the global events industry – to massively improve and simplify event site planning. It brings huge sustainability and health benefits, as the events industry responds to Covid.


This new interactive 3D+ technology reduces the need for site visits ahead of major events, and the corresponding airline and hotel costs. Teams can now collaborate and interact on one central platform in real-time with an immersive view of how their event will actually look. 


OnePlan CEO, Paul Foster, said: “Event site planning will never be the same again. Being able to plan and collaborate all aspects of your event site – barriers, marquees, stages, staff and so much more – in 3D+ is an incredible jump forward for event planners.


“OnePlan now lets you see how your event will look in any scenario – for indoor or outdoor venues, day or night, and for any weather or emergency conditions. This is truly the next generation of event and venue planning.”


The innovation includes:

World-first ability to place objects (stages, staff, barriers, lights, vehicles, marquees, and more) in 3D locations anywhere in real-time, including on different floor levels of a stadium or venue


Access aerial imagery up to 16x higher resolution than standard maps 


Plan for any event scenario like never before – time of day, weather, flooding, evacuation and more



When is the Keynote and how do people watch it?


December 8, 2020, 3pm GMT / 10am EST


Anyone can sign up for the Keynote at OnePlanKeynote.splashthat.com