Online Slot Myths: How And Why They First Appeared 

Playing slots is taking a step into the unknown, as no-one can predict the outcome of the spin of the reel and this is one thing that makes playing slots so exciting. 


This is also one of the reasons why slots are shrouded with myths about how the work and how to win. Some have some partial truth, but usually are only relevant to the old-style slot machines which were mechanical rather than digital and way before the age of the Internet. 


Many of the myths surrounding games including Fairground slots and gambling itself are rooted in superstition although some of them are funny or ritualistic, it’s important to be able to differentiate between fact and fiction, especially when your money is at stake.


Let’s take a look at some of the most common slot myths and debunk them!  


“You will win less playing a three-reel online slot than modern slots” 


This myth first appeared in land-based casinos where players would convince themselves and other players that the old school slot machines wouldn’t be as generous as modern slot machines which were new, shiny and exciting. 


This, of course, isn’t necessarily the case and three-reel online slot may not pay less than video slots. The important thing to look out for when selecting which slot to play is not the theme or style of the game, the game’s volatility and RTP as both of these will give you an indication of how likely a slot will payout. 


“That slot machine hasn’t paid out in ages, so it definitely will soon – a win is due!” 


A lot of us will have heard this sentiment echoed in pubs and casinos time after time, where players believe that if a slot hasn’t paid out in a long time, it will be due to erupt any minute with a huge jackpot for the next player. 


Unfortunately, this simply isn’t the case! This is because the outcome of a slot is determined by a random number generator and so not only is every spin completely random and therefore cannot be accurately predicted, each spin is also completely independent and the previous spin and no bearing on the following.  


“That slot is cold so I’ll give it a miss” or “That slot is hot so I’m more likely to win playing this one!” 


As we touched on in the previous myth-bust, every spin of the reel is independent of other spins which means slots can’t be “hot” i.e. likely to pay out or “cold” i.e. not likely to payout. 


This myth first appeared to explain winning and losing streaks. For example, if a player was on a winning streak playing a slot, instead of putting it down to the luck of the player, some players would believe it was because the slot was “hot”. 


On the other hand, if a player is down on their luck and having a losing streak, they might choose to switch to a different slot machine because the one they were playing was “cold”. 


While this isn’t true, there’s no harm in switching slot games if you’re not enjoying yourself or to take a break if you’re on a losing streak!