Oxford United is continuing to investigate the possibility of introducing the Ox-Rails: Supporting Safer Spectators concept at the Kassam Stadium.

Oxford United is actively investigating safe-standing options which would see the installation of a safety rail, independent of the seats, in sections of the East [Home] and North [Away] stands.



The sections would remain as seated areas but the introduction of this additional safety control measure would prevent the risk of a progressive crowd collapse by supporters standing in the seated areas.


In February 2018, an overwhelming majority of Oxford United Safety Advisory Group members, including representatives of the Fire & Ambulance Services, supported the Ox-Rails concept. The club were informed again that the stadium would receive a licence under the Football Spectators Act 1989 with the Ox-Rails: Supporting Safer Spectators concept installed. The stadium would remain a seated venue.


Ian Mixter, Head of Crowd Safety at Oxford United, who has worked on the project since October 2017 said: “It is great to be able to update our supporters with information regarding the concept; one which grew out of a request for me to look at the feasibility of a dedicated area for the Ultras.


“Although a time frame cannot be placed on completion of the project the next stage will see the installation of a test build of an Ox-Rail, in front of a single row of seats in the East Stand, to allow the safety barrier to undergo rigorous testing.


“Analysis of the results will allow for the design, if required, to be amended. The safety of spectators, both home and away, is paramount and the club is committed to ensuring that this groundbreaking concept complies with the safety standards required by the regulating authorities.


“Running concurrent will be continued consultation with our supporters, including OXVOX and season-ticket holders, to ensure that when installed the Ox-Rails: Supporting Safer Spectators concept matches their expectations of a safe and supportive environment in which to view matches.


“Oxford United is continuing discussions with the Sports Ground Safety Authority to allow the concept to continue within the Stadium should the club be promoted to the Championship.”


Niall McWilliams, Oxford United’s Managing Director, added: “We would love to see Ox-Rails at the stadium and will continue to work with all relevant parties to try and make this happen.”


Image: PA Images