Pep Guardiola To Refocus Manchester City

It takes a good coach to be humbled by a loss and learn from previous mistakes, which is exactly what famous Manchester City coach, Pep Guardiola has told media he intends to do.



Manchester City lost to Norwich and the aftermath had fans reeling while Guardiola kept his cool and handled the loss, the first for Man City in 9 months, by 1 goal. The team lost 3-2 and Guardiola was ‘humbled’ by the loss stating the team could learn after the shock faded of losing in what was thought to be a winning match.


The news has been hot with AnaHeart, football transfers and daily news but international headlines blew up after the Man City and Norwich match. Manchester City was thought to be ‘absent’ during the match which is most likely the reason for Pep Guardiola’s statement. In addition to that, Manchester City’s coach went on to say that the ‘most solid and incredible defender, Aymeric Laporte’ was missing and made an impact last season which was clearly lacking during this match.


Aymeric Laporte is off this season and most likely into the New Year with a knee injury. Which brought light on John Stones and Nicolas Otamendi in central defence. The two players had much to live up to and the team was relying heavily on the pair. However, the two Manchester City players made prominent errors which were duly noted.


Liverpool are in the lead by 5 points in mid-September which makes this a very costly loss for Manchester City. It is assumed by some that the loss was due to John Stones and Nicolas Otamendi which shines some much unwanted light on the two Man City players. The scene that greeted fans was that of a visibly shaken Kyle Walker and a team arguing on the field for all to see.


After the unexpected loss for Man City and a very surprising win for the canaries, there is some legitimate concern for the players in Man City and their long term futures within the team. Pep Guardiola however, well the legendary coach looks to this as a teaching moment and one he plans to learn from.


Despite being the richest club in the industry there is some concern facing the Premier League as the window for transfers has now been closed and teams begin to focus as working as a unit to for the cup.


After some key players are missing due to injuries and Laporte off for 6 months, it will be a nerve-wracking season ahead for supporters. Man City’s defence has been weakened and cannot afford to take in any more injuries. Hopefully the team remains intact until January when some older injuries are healed


Tempers are high and with the team undergoing this recent loss, a very surprising one nonetheless, there is a reason to wonder what will happen at the next training matches and Guardiola will be tested to see if he can carry his team to the end.