Players That Are Not In Their Best Moment


Check some players that are not living their best moment on European football


People still think that buying a famous player is the key to success, however this season of European football has been showing that there are some great players living bad moments. And many things can influence that.


Some are just showing poor football, not being able to have performances that were normal in other seasons. Others are having relationship problems inside the club and that may be crucial for them to show their potential once again.


Thinking about those players, author Kate Richardson made a list with some great players that already showed great skills, but are living a bad moment in their clubs.


Nicolas Otamendi

The Argentine went to the Portuguese club Benfica after some good performances at Manchester City. Many fans were expecting that he would help the team and provide good football, however that is not what happened.


Until now, Otamendi was still not able to adapt to Jorge Jesus’ team and didn’t show half as much as he used to play at the Citizens. He even apologized to the fans through his social media after making some crucial mistakes that caused Benfica to lose important matches.


Raphael Varane

The French defender had some amazing seasons, being not only one of the main players of Real Madrid’s defensive system but also scoring some important goals. However, that is not what we see during this season.


Even Karim Benzema’s agent said that Varane is just a shadow of what he used to be, due to his poor performances so far this season. And those words are not so harsh, as it is true that the French player is one of the reasons why Real Madrid are not showing good football.


Of course he is not the only one to blame but, with a weaker defense, it becomes more difficult to win matches.


Eden Hazard

The Belgium midfielder has already shown poor football for a while now. Since he left Chelsea, probably where he was at his best, Hazard just couldn’t keep up the good performances and disappointed the fans after arriving at Real Madrid.


There was a moment when many thought that maybe he was ready to show his skills once again and finally give Real Madrid what they signed for. However, he ended up injured and even created a little problem between his club and Belgium National Team, as he is one of the most important players in the NT.


The worst part for the Merengues is that Hazard was not cheap, honestly the club had to pay a lot of money to take him from the English club. And until now, all he brought to the club and the fans was disappointment.


David De Gea

During a few seasons in the last years, the Spanish goalkeeper received a lot of compliments due to his great performances and miraculous saves that helped Manchester United in many occasions. This season, however, De Gea is not showing the same football as we are used to seeing.


It has been a while since the goalkeeper has been making mistakes and not being able to help the team as much as he used to do. During this season, like for example against Southampton for the Premier League, David De Gea almost caused United to lose important points.


His situation may not be entirely bad because now Manchester United are counting with better players like Bruno Fernandes and Edinson Cavani on the attacking system, helping the team to score more goals.


Christian Eriksen

The Danish was one of the stars while playing for Tottenham and many people thought he would make the difference at his new club, Internazionale. What actually happened was really far from that.


For many games, Eriksen was only on the bench, waiting for a chance to play, and when it came, he didn’t show what people were waiting for. Now, it appears that he has been having problems with manager Antonio Conte. According to some newspapers, Inter are already thinking about the possibility of selling him in the next transfer market.


Paulo Dybala

The Argentine has shown great football last season, when Cristiano Ronaldo arrived at Juventus, playing alongside the Portuguese and scoring many goals. This season, on the other hand, things seem pretty bad for Dybala.


After suffering some health problems due to the Covid-19 and staying out of many games, the striker counts with only 1 goal so far this season. According to the Italian press, Juventus are already working on his departure in the next transfer window.


Antoine Griezmann

Maybe one of the biggest disappointments on this list, the French striker had great performances while playing for Atletico Madrid, but still wasn’t able to shine at Barcelona.


Many thought that alongside Lionel Messi, Griezmann would be able to improve even more his football and maybe become one of the best players in the world, competing with Neymar and Mbappe. What really happened was the complete opposite.


And to make things worse, some say Griezmann had a little problem with Messi, which caused the fans to turn against him.



Of course, as fans of football, we still believe these players will start showing their good football again and provide the beautiful show that we all want to watch.


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