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PPSPower, along with their sister company YorPower, delivers bespoke back-up power support packages for football clubs to ensure their assets are always safeguarded.


Sports arenas are now filled with spectators once more, providing an unbeatable championship atmosphere. Euro 2020, which took place in a Covid-delayed tournament last summer, already seems long ago. However, it’s well worth remembering that England’s performance united the whole nation as they took Italy all the way to a penalty shootout in the final.


While many live football matches are televised, broadcasters continue to seek assurances that clubs can offer a reliable back-up supply.


Strict regulations from governing bodies are also now in place to ensure clubs have resilient back-up systems covering their infrastructure. To protect their assets from potential power outages, clubs are urged to invest in protection systems from a trusted supplier.


A generator set provides back-up power protection which, when combined with a UPS, ensures there is no break in supply. Combine this with a bulk fuel tank and this solution will continue to power the key services it is connected to indefinitely (providing the fuel tank is topped up and the equipment is maintained).


Backing up the nation’s big players

West Yorkshire-based back-up power specialists PPSPower and YorPower support several leading football clubs with their back-up power and generator needs, helping them to celebrate success on the field.


PPSPower has supported Leeds United with its power needs for well over 10 years and maintained Elland Road’s current generator last season, helping the club to retain its place in the Premier League after a hard-fought relegation battle.


YorPower installed a new generator at Rotherham’s New York Stadium prior to the club’s promotion to the EFL Championship and continues to provide ongoing maintenance and support.


PPSPower and YorPower worked together at Sheffield United’s Bramall Lane in August 2020 before the start of the new season, installing a new generator. More recently, they have already carried out routine checks before the club’s battle commences to return to the top flight.


Stephen Peal is Group Managing Director of the YorPower, PPSPower, Glenace and Generator Warehouse businesses. He said: “We find that for football clubs coming up from the Championship into the Premier League, there is often a need for stadiums to upgrade their systems.


“YorPower and PPSPower – both highly respected names in the generator and UPS industry – are reorganising their business structure and premises to offer a far more efficient service which aims to capitalise on the steady growth both have experienced in recent years.


“The result is a far more unified entity, with all areas of our business working together to offer complete generator and UPS solutions for all customers in all sectors, wherever they are located globally. We are now playing as a team like never before!”


Numerous successful installations have led to the firm scoring several ongoing maintenance contracts, with on-call repair and maintenance services, planned preventative maintenance and upgrade installations for several other UK football clubs including Burnley, Swansea and Ross County in Scotland.


Now that stadiums are filled with fans once again, Stephen says now’s the time for clubs to prepare their facilities, commenting: “With thousands of people in attendance at live events, it is vital that every single person is safe. Our back-up power solutions mean that clubs always have a reliable power solution to ensure their facility is always fully operational so that everyone is safe to enjoy the action.”


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