Why the sports and entertainment industry is the ideal platform to fight environmental pollution.


A world without plastic is unimaginable. Packaging foils, carrying bags, Tupperware, bottles – almost everything we use daily contains plastic or is even entirely made out of it. Plastic is universally applicable and long lasting.


But its durability is not only a great benefit but also its biggest disadvantage if not disposed correctly.


In the last 10 years, more plastic waste has been produced than in the whole last century and 50% of the plastic in use, is only used once and then thrown away.


If we then take into account that only 5% of the total production of plastic in the world is recycled­­­ and that it takes up to a whole millennium for plastic to degrade, it is obvious that environmental pollution through plastic waste is a serious problem that needs to be challenged.


In this regard, the global popularity of the sports and entertainment industry is a great opportunity to reach hundreds of millions of people within seconds.


For fans, watching their favourite sports club is far more than just a leisure activity, it is an important part of their life. Athletes, singers, and actors are admired all over the world and hence have to be considered as role models.


The tremendous emotional involvement of this industry provides its entities with the power to send out powerful messages in favour of conserving our environment.


We at Beovation, a recently founded German start-up, aim to develop new products and services that are changing the customer experience while helping powerful entities to inspire society to a more reflective and responsible way of living.


The company invented a seat cushion, which can be heated up as well as cooled down using special hot and cold pads. 


To protect the environment, our seat cushion is produced from recycled plastic and our warmers and pads are reusable and long lasting to ensure sustainability throughout the whole product line.