The Bookies don’t mind tipsters too much, as they know that on the long run, the house advantage is always big enough to secure a profit. However, when bettors start using stats and algorithms similar to theirs, things could get out of their hands – and this is why they fear this free tool so much.


Soccerkeep is one of the most complex football betting tools on the planet, offering live scores, advanced statistics and free betting tips that are generated by a unique algorithm that takes into consideration all the metrics provided by Sports Radar – the multinational corporation that collects and analyses sports data, providing services to bookmakers, national football associations and international sports associations such as UEFA and IOC.


soccerkeep1 (soccerkeep-winning-tips.png)


The powerful platform covers a wide range of football competitions: more than 1000 leagues and cups from over 100 countries. You’ll find not only data and tips for the English League One and League Two matches, but even amateur leagues and youth tournaments from all over the world.


In the opening round of the English Premier League, the revolutionary free betting tool has provided 39 correct tips out of 62 given. That’s a 62.9% hit rate, which in betting terms translates into money!


How can it be so efficient?


The founders have scouted the world’s most experienced and profitable gamblers for years, seeking advice and looking to discover the secrets behind sports betting success. After years of research and hard work, they realised that the only way to beat the Bookies is to play the game their way – by using stats and having long-term expectations. Soccerkeep is the result of all that put together.


What’s it like?


When accessing a dedicated match page, you’ll find several tables filled with data. If you are logged in (it takes less than a minute to sign up and it’s completely free – no strings attached) you’ll immediately see the tips underneath the basic match info.


Surprising as it might sound, the 2016/17 Premier League opener, Hull vs. Leicester, was 100% correctly predicted by the Soccerkeep algorithm, which provided no less than 6 winners:


soccerkeep2 (soccerkeep-hull-city-leicester-city-tips.png)


So other than the half-time and final result, the system also suggested four successful goal bets, including the Both teams to score tip and Goal in both halves. Of course, this won’t happen every time, but you will definitely get more winners on the long run and if you double-check everything yourself before betting, you might end up with a hefty profit.


All you need in one place


The founders recommend a personal analysis to every bettor. Although you might enjoy some success if you follow the picks blindly, your record can be significantly improved if you do your own homework.


In order to do that, you just need to scroll down on the match page and check out all the useful stats and features. For example, for the top leagues in Europe, you’ll even find the side-lined players, so you don’t have to open various websites and lose a lot of time:


soccerkeep3 (soccerkeep-arsenal-villa-sidelined.png)


Want to find out who scored first, how many times was a team leading and how often were they equalised when playing home or away? Even though it might sound like a lot of work to do, with Soccerkeep you get access to all that in just seconds…


soccerkeep4 (soccerkeep-arsenal-villa-who-scored-first.png)


Form is one of the most important factors when it comes to predicting football results they say:


soccerkeep5 (soccerkeep-arsenal-villa-streaks.png)


Have you ever found a better way of deconstructing form?


What about the bets on the goal intervals? You probably know that the odds on these types of bets are pretty high, but determining the correct outcome could prove really tricky. This is where the Goal per 15 minutes table comes handy:


soccerkeep6 (soccerkeep-arsenal-villa-intervals.png)


This multi-sheet table provides you a great overall impression of how the teams perform in the different time intervals. Knowing when a team is efficient and when the other is poor could help you not only find out when the first goal will be scored, but what the most likely match scenarios are.


On top of that, you’ll also find a section that’s meant to indicate the worthwhile handicap bets:


soccerkeep7 (soccerkeep-arsenal-villa-goal-margins.png)


Knowing the home/away most frequently recorded goal margins can help a great deal when you’re thinking about placing a handicap bet: it might sustain your beliefs or just tell you to move one.


These are just some of the fascinating features that Soccerkeep has to offer. If you want to join the battle against the Bookies, you know where you have to go!