The Kia Oval is the setting for this one day event on Thursday 13 October 2016, designed to help not-for-profit sports organisations – like National Governing Bodies and County Sport Partnerships – to continue to improve, innovate and ensure their financial sustainability.


The event is hosted by the Football Foundation who are well-known for their innovative use of technology, including Upshot (pictured), to improve efficiency and measure impact.


Andy Reed OBE, from the Sports Think Tank, will chair some of the most influential figures in the not-for-profit sport sector as they lead discussions around planning strategies, measuring outcomes and communicating success, in an ever more competitive market.


Representatives from Beyond Sport, Public Health England, Connect Sport, London Sport, New Philanthropy Capital and Oaks Consultancy will lead tailored sessions on a range of topics designed to provide the optimal chance of securing investment, especially in light of the new Government sports strategy.


Topics will include: 

– Establishing outcomes at the centre of organisational planning. 
– Measuring and evidencing progression.
– Exploring the role modern technology can play in gathering evidence.
– Communicating impact effectively.
– Developing sustainability and using the above to talk to funders.


The all-day event is being organised by the Football Foundation, the nation’s largest sports charity, who are well-known for their innovative use of technology to improve efficiency and measure impact. It has built a suite of cutting edge software applications, such as Grantshot, Pitchfinder and Upshot.


Upshot has been a particular success due to its capability to monitor progress against targets, measure outcomes and evidence the effect sport has on communities and individuals, using quantitative and qualitative information.


Andy Reed OBE, said: “This is an exciting and challenging time for sport. Now, more than ever, we need to show the difference we make to our communities.


“Crucially, this evidence needs to include the wider benefits of sport and physical activity, not just increased participation. We know sport has a huge impact on the well-being of our society; we just need to prove it.


“This day will bring together a number of people who have had success in these areas and it should be of significant benefit to those who want to access funding in the future.”


Duncan Jones, Head of Upshot Operations, said: “This conference could help unlock the door for your organisation to receive new funding.


“The talks and seminars will be packed full of tips from some of the most respected people in our field on how to measure and report your success. It’s only £50 per ticket but we’re over half full now, so I would urge anyone involved in managing grassroots or community sport to sign-up as soon as possible.”