Tottenham Hotspur Announce Fan Boardroom Representation

The backlash from fans against Tottenham Hotspur’s decision to join the failed European Super League has prompted the club to announce plans to invite fan representation onto the club’s board.



Spurs were one of six English clubs that attempted to form a new European Super League which was widely criticised by fans and authorities alike. The move was made without any consultation and now the club has announced it plans to bring a representative on to the board to give fans a voice.


In a statement released by the club, in which they apologised for their involvement, they said: “We have all learnt lessons from recent events and have reviewed fan engagement as a priority.


“As a result we shall be liaising with key stakeholders and establishing a Club Advisory Panel, comprised of elected representatives from the different constituencies of our fanbase, inclusive and reflective of our fans’ diversity.


“The Chair of this Panel will be appointed annually as a full Non-Executive of the Club Board. We believe this provides for authentic, genuine representation and will ensure fans are at the heart of Club decision-making, something we greatly welcome.”


Tottenham join Chelsea who announced last week that, as from 1 July, there will be supporter presence at the club’s board meetings. Three supporter advisors, picked through an election and selection process, will attend board meetings to ensure general supporter sentiment is considered as part of Chelsea’s future decision-making process.