Walsall Appoints Supporter Liaison Officer To Board of Directors

Walsall Football Club have confirmed the appointment of Supporter Liaison Officer Graham Whittaker onto the Board of Directors.



Whittaker has been the club’s SLO since December 2019 and is a point of contact for supporters and helps deliver the club’s policies within its customer charter, attends working party meetings and liaises with the club’s management with regard to supporter issues. He will now bring a supporter presence at boardroom level following his appointment.


“It’s a great honour to be appointed,” Graham said. “I have been a supporter all my life and the progression of the role as a supporter liaison officer means that having a seat on the board gives every supporter a voice in the club.


“I know for a long time that people have wanted to be involved with the club and through myself this gives everyone an opportunity to actually do that.


“In my role, we aren’t just restricted to supporters’ groups, as the SLO I represent every single one of the supporters here.


Walsall Chairman Leigh Pomlett expressed his delight at Whittaker’s appointment onto the Board, stating: “I am very pleased to confirm the appointment of Graham Whittaker to the Board of Walsall Football Club.


“As we try to further strengthen the ties between the club and supporters, I have asked Graham to represent the views of the supporters at future Board meetings and to be a problem solver as issues arise which they will from time to time.


“Since becoming the Supporter Liaison Officer, Graham has worked tirelessly home and away to help the club and indeed the Board to connect with supporters.


“His position on the Board gives him a much stronger platform to express views and become part of the decision-making body of the business.


“He has been a supporter for many years, understands the culture of the club and understands the challenges we face. I welcome him to the Board and look forward to his immediate impact on this season and the ones to follow.”