What Is Bongo Bingo? 

If you love bingo, you may well have been playing for quite some time. Even if you are fairly new to the game, you will quickly understand the rules, learn the calls for bingo and how it all works, and settle down into a comfortable, enjoyable, relaxing way of playing.



But change will often happen when you least expect it, and this is as true in bingo as it is anywhere else. You might not have thought that much could happen when it came to bingo changes, but actually, with the advent of something called Bongo’s Bingo, it really has. Let’s look a little closer.


What Is Bongo’s Bingo?

Bongo’s Bingo is bingo… with a twist. It is bingo as you might recognise it, but in between games there is a rave atmosphere with dance-offs, music, even catwalks that take place on the tables. You’ll get cocktails and pitchers of beer or whatever other drinks you want, and the whole experience is much more like a party (including 90’s pop music) than a traditional bingo hall atmosphere. There are sometimes even celebrity appearances like David Hasselfhoff, S Club, and Five! 


Each Bongo’s Bingo is hosted by Jonny Bongo himself, along with two sidekicks known as Sweaty Betty and Peggy. One second the game of bingo will be being played, nice and quiet, nice and gentle, and the next Jonny Bongo will put on a 90’s rave hit and everyone has to get up on the tables to dance! Then it’s back to the bingo again. In the middle of the event there is usually a 15 minute rave party which includes glowsticks and confetti. It’s crazy, it’s fun, and it’s great at teaching people to multitask! 


What Prizes Are There?

At the beginning of each night of Bongo’s Bingo the prizes aren’t usually all that exciting. It might be a box of cereal or a cuddly toy, for example – there is always a fluffy pink unicorn which has become something of a must have in Bongo’s Bingo circles!


As the night goes on, the prizes get better. Cash, holidays, cruises, and much more are all on offer. So it’s worth sticking around for the entire event not just for the banging 90’s tunes but for the chance to win something that might even be life changing. 


Of course, sometimes two people can call ‘house’ at the same time. When this happens in Bongo’s Bingo, a dance off is called. Yes, that’s right; the two potential winners will have a dance off to determine who is going to go home with the prize. Now, if this is a box of Coco Pops then you might not try particularly hard, but if it’s a Porsche you might pull out some truly special moves to try to win that car! 


And even if you don’t actually win anything at Bongo’s Bingo, you’ll have such a great time at the party that you’ll feel as though you’ve won something absolutely incredible just by being there!


Image: unsplash