What To Watch In Football In December 2021

The holiday season is here and the year is almost over. However, football matches are still very much on course. So, what football match should you look out for this December? This post looks at the highlights of football matches in the Premier League. You can rest assured that December will not be a boring month as far as football matches are concerned. 



There are many events lined up to entertain you. If you are interested in betting on some of these games, you can find the betting bonus list online to improve your earning potential. Let us get into the details of must-watch football events this December.


Highlights of Premier League

It almost looked like it would not happen this year but the Premier League is already underway with several matches played already. Interestingly, it is not over yet. There are a series of Premier League matches lined up for December. Here are the highlights of some of these events.


December 1:

  • Southampton vs. Leicester
  • Watford vs. Chelsea
  • West Ham vs. Brighton
  • Wolverhampton vs. Burnley
  • Everton vs. Liverpool
  • Aston Villa vs. Manchester City


December 2:

  • Tottenham vs. Brentford
  • Manchester United vs. Arsenal


December 4:

  • West Ham vs. Chelsea
  • Wolverhampton vs. Liverpool
  • Southampton vs. Brighton
  • Newcastle vs. Burnley
  • Watford vs. Manchester City


December 5:

  • Tottenham vs. Norwich
  • Manchester United vs. Crystal Palace
  • Leeds vs. Brentford
  • Aston Villa vs. Leicester


December 6:

  • Everton vs. Arsenal


December 10:

  • Brentford vs. Watford


December 11:

  • Manchester City vs. Wolverhampton
  • Chelsea vs. Leeds
  • Arsenal vs. Southampton
  • Liverpool vs. Aston Villa
  • Norwich vs. Manchester United


December 12:

  • Burnley vs. West Ham
  • Brighton vs. Tottenham
  • Leicester vs. Newcastle
  • Crystal Palace vs. Everton


December 14:

  • Brenton vs. Manchester United
  • Norwich vs. Aston Villa
  • Manchester City vs. Leeds


December 15:

  • Brighton vs. Wolverhampton
  • Burnley vs. Watford
  • Crystal Palace vs. Southampton
  • Arsenal vs. West Ham


December 16:

  • Leicester vs. Tottenham
  • Chelsea vs. Everton
  • Liverpool vs. Newcastle


December 18:

  • Manchester United vs. Brighton
  • Aston Villa vs. Burnley
  • Southampton vs. Brentford
  • West Ham vs. Norwich
  • Watford vs. Crystal Place
  • Leeds vs. Arsenal


December 19:

  • Everton vs. Leicester
  • Wolverhampton vs. Chelsea
  • Newcastle vs. Manchester City
  • Tottenham vs. Liverpool


December 26:

  • Wolverhampton vs. Watford
  • Liverpool vs. Leeds
  • Tottenham vs. Crystal Palace
  • Norwich vs. Arsenal
  • West Ham vs. Southampton
  • Manchester City vs. Leicester
  • Burnley vs. Everton
  • Aston Villa vs. Chelsea
  • Brighton vs. Brentford


December 27:

  • Newcastle vs. Manchester United


December 28:

  • Arsenal vs. Wolverhampton
  • Crystal Palace Norwich
  • Watford vs. West Ham
  • Southampton vs. Tottenham
  • Leeds vs. Aston Villa
  • Leicester vs. Liverpool


December 29:

  • Chelsea vs. Brighton
  • Brentford vs. Manchester City


December 30:

  • Everton vs. Newcastle
  • Manchester United vs. Burley



As you can see, December is loaded with various football matches that would make your day. You can follow these matches online to know the outcome and betting potentials that each team has. 

If you are planning to bet on any team, we recommend that you learn more about the team before placing a bet. You should also choose bookmakers with impressive odds when registering for online gambling.