Who Will Be The Most Valuable Player In Euro 2020?

At the Euros tournament in June and July, players will attempt to win the trophy, but receiving the Best Player award is only one of several individual awards that are up for grabs. The Player of the Tournament award is handed out to the most influential player and has been since 1996. It is a prize that usually goes to individuals who do not sit at the top of the goals or assists tables, meaning that this market offers exceptional value.



It is worth considering when choosing which player that forward players may lead to fierce competition for the Golden Boot, but the Best Player of the Tournament honour usually goes to midfield players. Also, if you are going to be placing a bet on the Euros 2021, make sure to look out for special promotions such as the Sign up offers for the tournament.


Players who are midfielders are well known for earning the Best Player prize in international competitions. Two prime examples of this are Luka Modric and Zinedine Zidane. The Euro 2016 Best Player was awarded to Antoine Griezmann, who also picked up the golden boot. It is the first time in the history of the Best Player award that a player has won both.


Below are my top picks for the Euro 2020 Best Player Award.


# 1: De Bruyne-Belgium-15/1

He is among the top players in the game, and his nation is predicted to go far, making his odds of 15/1 rather enticing. De Bruyne suffered a face injury in the Champions League final and it is thus unclear if he will be fit to play against Russia in Euro 2020. If he is fit and finds form, he will be one of the contenders, that is for sure.


# 2: N’Golo Kante-France-20/1

Kante was voted the Man of the Match in the Champions League final, which was Chelsea’s first major final win since Jose Mourinho was voted Manager of the Year for the 2013-14 season. He also picked up the same honour in both semi-final triumphs against Real Madrid.


Benzema, Mbappe, and Griezmann all form a dangerous front three, while the midfield and defence each feature top-tier players. If the squad has a successful tournament, it will make it more likely that Kante will take home the top prize for the best player award.


# 3: Paul Pogba-France-18/1

When Pogba plays for France, he always seems to manage to find another level, which has frustrated many Manchester United fans. Yes, there’s the possibility for momentous flair with Pogba. The things that will make him stand out in the voting for the award for the tournament’s most valuable player are the unforgettable and attention-grabbing events. He might wind up fighting colleagues for the honour because of the amazing squad.


Final Thought

In many Euros, there is a player that comes from nowhere to become a star overnight. One prime example of this is Michael Owen. It may be that we see someone come from nowhere to win the award, but they will need to be in a team that goes far or it makes it almost impossible to win.