Why Ambitious Football Club Managers Can Benefit From a DBA

In the unpredictable world of business, things can change in an instant. People who don’t have a plan for their futures or a safety net to see them through difficult times are playing with fire. Studying for a DBA degree is an excellent way of securing your future, and ambitious football club managers should seriously consider studying one. Here’s why.


The Benefits of a DBA

There are a number of reasons why a DBA degree is worth studying. Some people assume that if they are already working as a business manager, there is nothing left to learn. However, a DBA degree can still offer a number of benefits.


Stand out: It seems like everyone has a degree these days; graduating from university doesn’t carry the same weight that it used to. If you want to stand out from the other applicants that you will ultimately compete with for work, it is becoming harder to do so with a university degree. However, the doctorate of business administration degree is still a relatively new one. It certainly has not yet gained the same kind of name recognition as the better-known MBA degree. This means that the DBA degrees stand out on a CV in a way that the conventional MBA degree does not.


While both the MBA and the DBA denote a strong understanding of business administration, the DBA denotes a good understanding of the underlying theory, as well as how to apply this knowledge to real-world situations.


Inspire personal growth: Studying for any degree can be a fantastic exercise in self-improvement, but there are a couple of reasons why the DBA degree, in particular, is a fantastic journey to undertake. The doctorate of business administration combines a large amount of theory work with lessons in how to apply that theory to the real world. It is not quite as practical in nature as the MBA degree, but the DBA is a much better choice for those who take an almost academic approach to business.


In order to succeed as a DBA student, you need to be able to both understand the existing business theory and its implication for modern workplaces, as well as being able to formulate new approaches based on the lessons that you learned. A DBA course will equip you with the tools that you need to interpret the business landscape and formulate corporate strategies accordingly. Many people underestimate just how involved in the business side of things football club managers need to be. However, a solid understanding of business is important for any managerial role.


Improve your earning potential: No matter how good your current professional situation might seem, it is always worth thinking about your future. Anything that you can do to improve your financial and professional security is worth considering, and studying for a degree is a very effective means of improving your earnings potential.


For many years now, aspiring entrepreneurs have turned to the MBA as the most reliable indicator of their abilities as entrepreneurs and business managers. However, a side effect of this has been that there are now so many skilled entrepreneurs with MBA degrees that the MBA does not have the same ability to boost your earning potential that it once did. On the other hand, the DBA remains a relatively rare degree and denotes a set of skills that are still quite hard for most employees to find. If you combine the DBA degree with prior experience of managing a football club, you will find that there are plenty of opportunities out there for you.


Improve your leadership abilities: It isn’t just your earnings potential that will be in improved by studying for a DBA degree; you will also formalise your understanding of much of the theory that underpins business management and leadership. There are some aspects of leadership that you can only really learn and develop through first-hand experience. However, there are also a large number of useful skills that business leaders can study within an academic setting.


Earning a doctorate of business administration enables football managers to understand the bigger picture when they are making leadership decisions. No matter what business you are working in, it is the responsibility of business leaders to be able to see beyond their immediate surroundings and make plans that take into account circumstances beyond the business.


Why a DBA is better than a PhD:  The PhD and DBA will technically make graduates into doctors, but there are some important differences between the two. Both denote the highest possible level of understanding when it comes to matters of business – anyone with a PhD in a business-related qualification or a DBA degree is clearly someone who knows their stuff.


Both the DBA and the PhD will prepare graduates for academic as well as practical work. The main difference between them is that the PhD is much more academically focused than the DBA, which is more about practical work. If you are happy working as a football club manager and have no interest in switching careers, the DBA will provide you with more practical skills that you will be able to use in your day-to-day work.


Show employers that you know what you’re doing: One of the reasons that the MBA degree has been as popular as it has been is because it signifies competence and ability. Many Fortune 500 businesses will only hire managers who hold an MBA or DBA, such is the reputation of the business administration degree. You don’t need to have a business administration degree in order to function as an effective business leader, but there is no denying that a degree certainly helps. Not only will it help you to refine your own understanding, but it will also instantly prove to any prospective future employer that you know what you are doing.


A degree on its own will not open up the very best jobs. No matter what industry you are working in, experience is always valued, and this is clearly true for football managers as well. However, having a degree always means that you can consider more options than you would otherwise be able to. Future employers are much more likely to take a chance on you if you have a formal qualification to back up your experience.


What Skills Will a DBA Teach You?

Completing a DBA degree won’t just teach you business admin skills; it will also equip you with some very useful skills that are more generally applicable to business:



Problem-solving: In order to succeed in your studies, good problem-solving skills are essential. However, a DBA is even better than most degrees for equipping students with good problem-solving skills. Problem-solving skills aren’t just important for making it through the degree itself, but they are also an essential part of managing in any scenario. Football club managers need to be able to solve many of the same problems that any other manager faces.


Time management: A football manager can’t afford to have poor time management – that’s exactly the kind of bad habit that can end up spreading through an entire team. However, no matter how good your time management is, there is almost definitely room for improvement. Good time management isn’t just about turning up on time and keeping your appointments – it also means being able to effectively allocate tasks to other people and manage the time of your team collectively, as well as your own individual schedule.


In order to succeed as a DBA student, you will have to be able to juggle all the responsibilities of your studies with your existing professional commitments. This is easier said than done, but succeeding here is essential if you want to flourish in your academic and professional lives. Once you have multiple responsibilities to juggle throughout the day and your responsibilities continue after the working day has finished, you will discover whether you are really good at managing your time or not.


Formalise your business administration skills: Working as a football manager means that you will have some experience with basic business administration skills, even if you aren’t aware of it. Studying an academic course that is designed to hone and refine these specific skills will enable you to formalise those skills and develop them further.


Is the DBA Worth It?

The DBA degree is growing in both prominence and popularity. Aston University Online has a great article that explains the role that the DBA is going to play in plugging the growing global skills gap. In fact, you can enrol in a DBA degree through Aston University. Regardless of the industry you work in, a DBA will prepare you for leading any business, from a football club to a nightclub.


Anyone looking for a modern degree that will provide them with value long into the future should consider the DBA. With so many students studying for MBAs, the value of the degree has been diluted. This hasn’t yet happened with the DBA, meaning that it is still a worthwhile investment for any business leader.