Zeetta Networks are hosting the first-of-its-kind Smart Infrastructure event on 30thOctober 2017 at Ashton Gate Stadium, Bristol.


The theme, ‘Smart Leaders for Smart Venues’, is attracting IT directors, managers of venues, and those responsible for future-proofing, to drive the evolution of their own Digital Strategy.


The day will cover topics such as programmable stadia and integrated digital strategies. Attendees will experience an interactive showcase of Zeetta Networks’ NetOS® technology, exclusively demonstrating the management of a complex network infrastructure in a flexible, dynamic, and cost-effective manner.


To maximise the gains of smart infrastructure, an organisation needs to be prepared to adapt its working culture to fit. Venues that miss out on this acceleration towards smart platforms will naturally fall behind their competition, and Zeetta Networks wants to spark new conversations to drive smarter organisational cultures for smart venues, and discover collaborations to solve venue infrastructure limitations.


Zeetta Networks’ CEO, Vassilis Seferidis, is looking forward to meeting with industry leaders from across many verticals, and discussing the wider viewpoints on the challenges that smart venues present.


He said: “Our NetOS® platform is a first of kind project supported by Innovate UK, and it presented our delivery team with many challenges.


“We are excited to share our experiences gained through engaging with stadium users, and smart Infrastructure 2017 will explore this enhanced operational data that we see in stadia, and how thought leaders can drive change in smart venues.”


Mike Bohndiek, Head of IT at West Ham, will be speaking at Smart Infrastructure 2017, and added: “Fans expect a heightened experience through their technology, to give a pronounced difference to their stadium experience as opposed to staying at home.


“Infrastructure holds the key to delivering this potential, and I’m looking forward to hearing more of the success Ashton Gate have experienced in this regard, whilst sharing knowledge with peers.”


A guest speaker from Ruckus, a key partner of Zeetta Networks, will be speaking at the event. Other guest speakers will provide the business context to investing in smart infrastructure, sharing valuable insight to transforming a venue into a smart structure that benefits both stakeholders and consumers.


Tickets are still available for Smart Infrastructure 2017, and you can RSVP and secure your place here. Join the conversation using #SmartInfra2017.


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