Beovation – “The premium seating solution”


Over the years, Beovation discovered that there exists a growing need for sports properties to provide their customers with a more comfortable experience to compete with the convenience of their living rooms. 


Therefore, we founded an international startup, which is fully dedicated to fulfilling the needs of its clients by offering an innovative and eco-friendly heated and/or cooled seating solution.


The seat cushion provides an exclusive and memorable customer experience in sports, events and hospitality industries. Within these channels, we provide full-service packages ideal for businesses to enhance the experience of their clients during events/activities.


Full customizability makes it an ideal supplementary item for different businesses wanting to add value to their product packages with a long-lasting impact. We offer an affordable seating solution that serves as a differentiation factor for corporations to succeed in today’s competitive industries.


The seat cushion is the ideal tool for CSR strategies since it is made from recycled plastic. We are keen to assist corporations to use the power of the sports and entertainment industries to foster a more responsible treatment of the environment.


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