Art of Cryo


Art of Cryo is a division of a renowned family business with 30 years’ experience in ultra-low temperature equipment, L&R Kältetechnik GmbH & Co KG. A 26-year-old legacy of building the best quality solutions for whole-body cryotherapy is the foundation to offer our high performance cryo chambers – The Art of Cryo Vaultz®.


We offer a wide range of treatment solutions with real room temperatures for the most effective whole-body cryo.


The ideal space saving solutions for players homes is the single Vaultz V1 lux with automatic dehumidification, programable, light module… Available with luxury stainless steel interior designed by Antonio Capristo.


Professional clubs opt for vario Vaultz® to offer real -110°C in a spacious treatment room which can be used for several players at the same time. The control unit, designed in carbon by Antonio Capristo, houses a 22” display. CCTV, intercom and sound module in the treatment room as standard. Extra-large windows give perfect visual contact and open the treatment room.

Art of Cryo Vaultz are made to the highest quality standards, purely electricity powered. They’re also extremely efficient and eco-friendly, delivering accurate room temperatures. Vaultz are easy to operate and ready to use. Together with your high performance cryo chamber you will get a proper training about real whole body cryo therapy and in the rare case of technical problems there is our Cool line – our 24/7 service hotline.


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