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AFSS Ltd specialise in both internal and external security, providing a multiple delivery alliance which is flexible and at the same time specific to each of our clients operational needs and demands.


Driven by industry professionals, AFSS Ltd design, install standalone or integrated solutions taking a secure approach to asset and people security, implementing CCTV monitoring, staff, deliveries and supporters entry and exit access control solutions, facial recognition and or fusion technology enhancing the security access, to pedestrian physical turnstiles and speed lanes to HVM where terrorist attack mitigation has to be implemented.


Working with our partners in providing our clients with a tailored single approach in stadia and event sectors, is instrumental in our success. Understanding the demands at these venues and implementing their specific security solutions, is what we do.


No one security element can provide the secure ring around a venue; it’s all part of an integrated solution, individually selected for each individual need, event and operational demands.


Covid-19 has impacted the world like no other virus, and now with sport venues having to change the way they bring supporters back to the game safely, and with no two venues operational needs being the same, the task is both challenging and exciting. Now is the time to revaluate your current operational methods and make the right changes for the future.


Martyn’s Law (The Protect Duty) Government Consultation Concluded July Of This Year.

The consultation is about introducing legislation to make a Protect Duty mandatory on certain venues or organisations running or operating at publicly accessible locations following recent terror attacks in the UK.


‘A publicly accessible location is defined as any place to which the public or any section of the public has access, on payment or otherwise, as of right or by virtue of express or implied permission.’


‘Publicly accessible locations include a wide variety of everyday locations such as: sports stadiums; festivals and music venues; hotels; pubs; clubs; bars and casinos; high streets; retail stores; shopping centres and markets; schools and universities; medical centres and hospitals; places of worship; Government offices; job centres; transport hubs; parks; beaches; public squares and other open spaces. This list is by no means exhaustive, but it does demonstrate the diverse nature of publicly accessible locations.’


This new Law which is planned to be implemented around the middle of next year, is set to help protect those venerable from VAW attacks at venues, sports arena’s and open spaces to save lives.


AFSS Ltd welcome the opportunity to discuss with you, your specific security requirements to ensure that you building and those who work and visit your premise have the correct mitigation in place.


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