There is a growing trend for the use of wearable technologies within professional teams. Monitoring of physical activity, sleep, circadian stability and heart rate variability are areas that can be used to provide valuable insights into training, match play and free-living.


CamNtech provides solutions for professional athletes for short to long-term physical activity monitoring supported by intuitive software packages to analyse and repot upon data outcomes.


Our Actiheart 5 is a class leading device for the capture of full ECG and accelerometery waveforms via a tiny, waterproof, chest-worn device. Recording continually for up to 14 days, the data can be used to determine energy expenditure and heart rate variability to provide insights into training load. The ECG and HRV data can be valuable in sport psychology applications such as Individual Zones of Optimal Functioning (IZOF).


Our MotionWatch is an unobtrusive wrist-worn, research grade activity tracker that provides fine-grained data for long-term sleep and circadian rhythm monitoring; factors which can greatly affect the performance of travelling teams. Furthermore, a continual insight into physical activity can provide feedback on aspects of free-living which may affect performance.


Founded in 1995, we have over 25 years of experience with real world subject monitoring and we have established an enviable reputation in the world market Our devices are manufactured under the strictest of conditions in our ISO13408:2016 certified facility near Cambridge, UK.


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