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Why Restoration?  Simple, ​100% Cosmetic Sustainability!


When your facility has thousands or tens of thousands of seats, restoration is smart business. Structurally, most stadium seating substrates can last for decades.  Especially plastic and aluminum. Over time though the sun takes its toll (fading), and cleaning agents and beverage spills gradually build up on the surface leaving them dull as well.  As long as your seating is structurally intact, IronHide Seating Solutions can always bring the color back.


Savings as much as 70% or more vs. bottom line replacement costs.


Seating 101 – At IronHide Seating Solutions, we are your plastics refinishing experts!


Plastic stadium seats at outdoor venues do not fade and oxidize in the traditional way people most people think.  There is no chalky residue that comes off on your hand when you wipe the surface like old car paint used to back in the day.  Plastic seats bleach out, meaning the substrate is still structurally intact but the color has been baked out due to UV exposure. The color is gone.


No other company has been able to solve the coating adhesion issue until now.


At IronHide Seating Solutions, our proprietary color coatings for plastic are formulated to specifically adhere to stadium seats.  They are UV resistant as well as flexible to expand & contract in all climate conditions.  This doubles the expected lifespan of your seats cosmetically.


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