MA-Change is the first, fully-integrated crisis management platform that builds a protective net of products around its clients and any crisis situation. When crisis breaks, one phone call activates a members’ Unique Crisis Response (UCR) team who immediately take control of the situation and minimise its impact.  


The digital age has left us all under greater scrutiny and for those in the limelight, actions are often documented and spread across social media quicker than you can say, ‘call my agent.’ Everything and everyone is under a microscope, none more so than those in the public eye, with many media bending over backwards in an attempt to shed some unwanted light on people’s lives.


Initially targeting Sporting Professionals and High Net Worth Individuals working in the UK, the platform is designed to give individuals peace of mind so if they find themselves in personal and or professional crisis they have the relevant expertise on-hand to soften the impact of the situation. MA-Change has a nationwide reach with its Professional Partners to manage a negative press fallout should a mistake, accident or false accusation take place.


Trusted civil and criminal lawyers in all legal disciplines are also on hand 24/7 to help members in all manner of crises. It’s situations like this which often keep football agents and management teams awake at night.


Members subscribe on an annual basis giving themselves, family members and colleagues, protection from the negative fallout a crisis situation creates.


Contact: Nick Scott

Address: Suite 305, Oriel House, 26 The Quadrant, Richmond, TW9 1DL

Tel: 0330 229 1238

Email: nick.scott@ma-change.com

Web: www.ma-change.com