SIDEKICK USA is the company behind the SIDEKICK, the award-winning machine that is revolutionizing the thick-cut sod and sports turf industries.


The patented SIDEKICK was developed to help sports turf managers, turf contractors and ultimately, athletes. When natural grass on athletic fields gets worn down and needs to be replaced, turf managers often seek thick-cut sod for immediate results. Thick-cut sod can be up to four inches thick. It’s much heavier than regular sod, which greatly increases stability and playability.


Through its patented design, the SIDEKICK is optimized to gently push thick-cut sod together during the installation process. With thick-cut sod often over two inches thick, 48 inches wide, and weighing up to 20 pounds per square foot, it is a massive challenge to tighten without the proper tool.


The SIDEKICK is an advancement from the crude methods – such as pulling the sod by hand with rakes – used by installation crews, often resulting in exposed seams or tears, which can pose serious injury risks to athletes. SIDEKICK provides a safer, stronger, and seamless pitch – period. 


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