Smith & Williamson LLP


At Smith & Williamson, we’ve been looking after the financial affairs of private individuals and their families for over a century.


With around £21bn under management and advice and around 1,700 staff (as at 30th September 2018), we provide an unusually broad perspective to wealth management, bringing together three core sets of skills — those of the financial planner, the investment manager and the tax expert.


Many of our clients are current or former professional sportspeople, from Premier League and Championship footballers to cricket, rugby, tennis and medal winning Olympic athletes.


Our experience in this area means we understand the world you live in, the demands placed on you, and how easily the day-to-day management of your financial affairs can become a secondary concern to excelling in your career.


We can offer help and advice on:

**savings in ISAs, pensions and other
**image rights and transfer fee tax planning
**monthly budgeting
**personal and corporate tax
**preparing for injury or illness
**retirement income forecasting
**tax-efficient sponsorship deals.


Contact: Nick Richards

Tel: +44(0)20 7131 4095



Address: 25 Moorgate, London, EC2R 6AY