Storacall TeleAcoustics


Storacall TeleAcoustics are a supplier of specialist telecom products to the government, utilities, retail, financial, manufacturing and service sectors in the UK and around the world. These products include acoustic telephone hoods, telephone cabinets, GRP telephone kiosks, pedestals, weatherproof telephones and tough internal telephones.  


Wall-mountable and available in a range of colours and shapes the acoustic hoods provides a handy place for making phone calls or locating emergency pre-programmed phones.  The acoustic fabric or acoustic insulation has the dual effect of lowering the sound of voices inside, while dampening external noises from inside or outside the stadium, corporate entertainment and members club. 


The GRP Telephone Kiosk is also available as a panel cabin, security gatehouse, car park control unit, guard shelters and waiting/payment enclosure. 


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