Touchretail LTD


Touchretail develop modern retail technology to increase commercial revenue and fan engagement at sports clubs. Our core product ‘SRS’ is the ‘Stadium Retail Solution’ powered by TRIMS, the leading omnichannel platform from Touchretail comprising of tools and services for delivering modernised stadium retail experiences.


– Fast Transactions

– Matchday Mode

– Kit-builder Shirt Printing

– Dynamic Promotions

– Fan Engagement

– Customer Facing Media

– Live Centralised Reporting

– Warehousing Operations

– Ecommerce Integration

– Order Fulfilment

– Real-time Replenishment

– Live Stock Alerts

– Import Supplier Feeds

– Kit Launch Tools

– Third Party Integrations

– Playmaker

– TeamCard

– Sports Alliance

+ Much more


Contact:  Stuart Francis

Tel: 0845 466 0323




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