We are Play. A brand and design studio specialising in creativity for Football.


Playmakers with vision, we read the game and have a deep connection with our audience and a strong understanding of the brands we work with. Established from a passion for the sport, our team have a long history with the Football world, it’s where we’re from, what we know and what we love.


Football has no borders and neither do we, our multi award-winning team have developed brands and creative campaigns for businesses across the globe. We make a tangible difference, passing on our energy for the sport and bringing ideas to our clients at an international level. A language understood globally,


Football is rooted in culture, in people and in places. Stories like these drive us — bringing together discussions and concepts that can change how we think, understand and look to the future of Football.


Contact: Niall Smillie

Address: Studio 115, South Block, 60-64 Osborne Street, Glasgow, G1 5QH