Data shows professional sports teams increase player availability and reduce injury severity with regular monitoring of athletes combined with machine learning


Kitman Labs, the pioneer in machine learning for athlete performance optimization and injury reduction, today announced the results from its first Annual Injury Assessment Report. The report details a season–over–season assessment of injuries at five professional sports teams that implemented sports science–based analytics of training and game demands combined with individual athlete response and recovery.


The results show that through regular athlete monitoring and assessment, the teams experienced a dramatic decrease in overall volume and severity of injuries. Findings include:

  • ●  Total days unavailable due to injury decreased by 41%
  • ●  Severe injuries lasting a month or longer dropped 31%
  • ●  Season ending injuries declined 65%



“Player availability is statistically linked to an increased probability of winning,” commented Stephen Smith, CEO of Kitman Labs. “These teams had simple alerts from sophisticated machine learning techniques to identify and make smarter decisions about their athletes most at risk for injury. The results of the report clearly show the significant impact this proactive approach has on improving team health.”


Data for the Injury Assessment Report was collected, assessed, and analyzed by Kitman Labs’ Athlete Optimization SystemTM.