A Message From fcbusiness - Our Work Continues

fcbusiness would like to assure our readers and clients that despite the spread of COVID19 and the issues facing not just the UK, but the world of football, we will continue to run day-to-day as normal.



To restrict the movement of people and the spread of the virus, governments across the world have intervened with measures unprecedented in peacetime; while news footage continues to confirm with sobering clarity the threat to human life.


Nevertheless, club officials are still working behind the scenes to keep clubs afloat and sponsorships active; media teams are providing content to keep fans engaged and essential maintenance and grounds work will continue over the coming weeks to ensure that stadiums are fit for purpose when football resumes.


As recently as last week, many believed football would continue to operate, albeit under certain conditions – matches behind closed doors etc, but as we have seen, more drastic action has had to be taken.


We are well aware that with so many restrictions in place the day-to-day running of your business and ours is becoming more difficult. For many organisations, the economic challenge is now an existential threat. To survive and thrive in the coming months will not only take government intervention, but also new thinking, innovation and a willingness to learn and evolve.


At fcbusiness, we’ll continue to share the stories of how clubs are responding and the solutions which others can adapt for their own circumstances.


So let’s look beyond the current turmoil to when restrictions are lifted and life starts to return to some form of normality; then we will take a moment to reflect on how important a role football plays in our lives, we’ll celebrate the successes and share the lessons learned.


We appreciate your support during this difficult period and we will continue to ensure that we can provide clubs with the expert insight and guidance they need.  


Aaron Gourley, Editor