An Introduction & The Benefits Of Paysafecard

Whether you’re setting stakes to transferring money online to any account, it is very important to know which payment method would suit you best in terms of advantages, disadvantages, times and fees.


Why? It will impact on how long you’ll wait, meaning depending on how fast you’ll want your money in the account or back, you might get frustrated. In this informative article we’ll take a look at one such payment method you may choose to use; Paysafecard.


Mightytips expert Aigar Shilvan takes a look at this certain payment method and it’s details.


We’ll delve into history and background first. First founded and still running since the now-distant year 2000, it was first available in Austria and has since expanded into other countries. Being based in Austria, they have their headquarters located in Vienna.


Paysafecard first expanded into neighbouring Germany, then began to spread further across the world, being available in over 40 countries nowadays. There have been no notable incidents involving the companies, therefore instilling a bit more trustworthiness into their services.


Being acquired by fellow financial transfer company Skrill in August 2011 and also being merged with two other competitors in the market, it was a significant boost for the payment system.


We’ll now move onto the more technical and modern side of things; its functionality and how it works.


Downloading and using Paysafecard doesn’t cost anything. It will require you to make an account, and then make it significantly safer by locking it down with a personal sixteen-digit code that’s only for your use.


As well as a desktop application you’ll also be able to bring the world of payment to your palm with a simple download to your IOS or Apple device from your Play or App store respectively.


The transaction history and what you’ve been using Paysafecard with is easily tracked on your account making it great planning and pattern analysis platform for someone who wants to keep close track of things.


Paysafecard in betting- is it involved?


The answer is yes- you’re able to use your Paysafecard account with all your betting schemes and more. Betting sites that accept Paysafecard are widely broadened, there are quite a few selections that will be available to you as a user of Paysafecard.


Some of the most popular betting outlets such as Paddy Power and William Hill will be available to you for depositing your funds when using Paysafecard, however, there will be different types of limits and small transactions you may have to look out for and be wary of, if you want an effective and smart experience using this innovation.


We will go more into detail with our two picked bookmakers for this payment method just below.


Both Paddy Power and William Hill are British-based outlets which have seen innovative moves forward in recent years. Although not without any reported incidents, they have been pretty reliable over the few years. Some reviews have made them out to be shady but most of them are in fact fake.


The big downside is that you cannot withdraw from the above two bookmakers using Paysafecard, there are some bookmakers out there such as Ladbrokes that will accept withdrawals from them though. 


Paysafecard will allow you to use their services in order to make deposits to generate winnings from selected bookmakers such as those included above.


Now we’ll sum up this review on how we think Paysafecard really rates overall.


By the looks of things, they’re a company that was advanced over the years thanks to business progression by an acquisition by Skrill. The app has been frequently used by bettors as a way to deposit, withdraw and keep track of their money.


As well as presenting a desktop use of the app, you’re also entitled to a free download of the mobile app as also stated before in this article, increasing the mobility of where you can use this.


We believe Paysafecard is ideal for those who want to deposit money very quickly and with low fees. Although if you want to have a more flexible payment method which also offers withdrawals, you might have to look elsewhere thanks to the limits Paysafecard might have on a lot of bookmakers.