Euro 2020 – How Can It Be A Lucrative Opportunity For Your Business?

There is little doubt that football is considered one of the most lucrative sports in the world. The European Championship is one of the most recognisable and eagerly anticipated events on the sporting calendar. The 2016 Championships attracted a staggering 2 billion viewers worldwide and with more people likely staying at home this year, it is highly probable that number will be higher for this year’s postponed 2020 Euro Championships. These figures obviously represent a fantastic business opportunity for those involved.



We are going to look at a couple of reasons why the Euro 2020 will be of benefit to businesses.


  1. Sponsorship


Sponsorship of any event is extremely beneficial to a business, let alone sponsoring a major event! Brand exposure is key to the success of any business as the more people who know about your brand, the more likely they are to buy a product from you. With over 2 billion views expected for the Championships, this can be considered as mass exposure – a highly powerful marketing strategy.


Sponsorship of a major tournament will not only give brand exposure but also it will create trust in a brand. Subconsciously, humans think that if a brand can afford to sponsor a major event, then it’s product must be quality and therefore a worthwhile purchase.


Euro 1992, held in Sweden, was the first time that the tournament really attracted global sponsorship. A great example of the power of sponsorship is Coca-Cola, who are today a hyper-rich company worth in the region of $84 billion, so it is no coincidence to know that they have sponsored every tournament since 1992. Sponsorship of major events has been key to their success.


  1. Gambling Businesses


One type of business that will definitely benefit from Euro 2020, is online bookmakers. Punters love nothing more than studying the Euro 2020 betting odds, claiming lucrative odds & sign up offers, and placing bets at the best UK bookmakers. This event will once again attract millions of punters looking to win some money on the side of watching their favourite teams play.


England, one of the favourites to win Euro 2020 will likely attract a few bets. However, the winner betting odds for favourites usually does not offer the best value. Instead, you could use a free bet on one of the favourites and then use your own money to back an outside bet that gives more value. Just make sure you place your bets at a reputable UK bookmaker that offers promotions such as free bets and enhanced odds.


  1. Local Business


Since 1996, there have been over 1 million spectators attending the games throughout the tournament. This is a major amount of additional foot traffic. Fans attending the games will walk through the towns and cities and be made aware of shops and businesses that they never previously knew about. So, the additional foot traffic is a welcome boost to the local economy as fans will use the shops on the way to the stadium, creating much welcomed additional business. It is also common knowledge that fans often gather in the Pubs up to several hours before a game, creating several times the revenue that the Pub would usually make.


Since Covid 19, Stadiums have not allowed spectators in the stands, causing a major impact on the Pub and Restaurant trade. Many establishments have been forced to close their doors temporarily or even permanently in severe cases. Restrictions are now easing and although nothing has been confirmed, the Euro Championships will be allowing partial attendances at least. This will create much needed revenue for local businesses who have been starved of it for the past year or so.


Indeed, it has been mentioned that new businesses are opening up in time for these major events as they make for a perfect business opportunity.


All things considered, the Euro Championships are crucial to businesses both locally and globally as it represents a perfect opportunity for increased exposure which can only be a good thing.