FC Barcelona TikTok To Over One Million Followers

FC Barcelona has become the first football club to reach a million followers on TikTok (, the short-form mobile video platform.



Launched in July this year, in just two months, Barça has overtaken other international teams that were on the channel long before Barça came onto the scene. 


Barça was officially launched on TikTok on July 19, the same day that the first team returned for preseason training. Since then, its acceptance among TikTok’s community has been nothing short of spectacular, with an average of over 15,000 new followers every day.


Apart from this upward tendency, the club also leads the way in terms of content-related interactions: the Barça account has gathered a total of 7.2 million ‘likes’, which apart from video views is another indicator about the engagement generated with the fans. 


Short-form football video content on TikTok receives a great reception among users, mainly the Z generation and Millennials.


More than the symbolic achievement of reaching a million followers, this reflects the leading position of FC Barcelona in the digital ecosystem of social networks, where it has 340 million followers and is the only sports club to get more than 1,000 million interactions in the 2018/19 season.


This boom on TikTok, one of the most downloaded apps in 2018, is a clear example of the value of the Barça brand and the love and affinity that the club generates among the younger audience, which forms the main user base of users of this platform. 


Dídac Lee, member of the FC Barcelona Board of Directors responsible for the Digital Area, said: “In the FC Barcelona Digital Area we believe that the best way to connect and generate engagement with our audience is via new communication channels with which we can interact with users and generate unique experiences that help to take the club closer to its fans around the world.


“That’s why we are so proud to have reached a million followers on TikTok, the leading destination for short form videos with the greatest potential for growth today and that enjoys a wide popularity among young people. We have achieved this in little more than two months and this will undoubtedly help to consolidate FC Barcelona’s leadership on social networks, where we already have more than 340 million followers.”