fcbusiness Stands Proud With This England Team

We are just as disappointed as everyone else that the result didn’t go our way but we strongly oppose the behaviour of some ‘fans’ before the game and the appalling abuse the players have received online after, particularly Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka.


This England team took us to our first major tournament final in 55 years; they brought joy to the nation and helped us momentarily forget the strain of the last 18 months. But these players should not have to suffer such appalling abuse.


More needs to be done to stamp out such cruel behaviour – football needs to work hard to eradicate this problem as do the social media companies whose platforms through which most of this abuse comes. But ultimately, our politicians need to shoulder some of the responsibility. Taking the knee before games is not ‘gesture politics’, it’s a clear signal of the inequalities that exist in our society and they should take notice. By not condemning the booing by some sections of fans at the start of the tournament, they failed to stem the inevitable tide of abuse given the result. 


fcbusiness stands for the good of the game, we want football in England to be successful and to be looked upon as the best in the world but to do this we cannot let hate win.