Football Clubs Helping Popularity Of Online Casino - But Are They Safe?

A lot of football fans are making a killing betting on different football matches. The sports betting industry is getting bigger and bigger with some of the leading bookmakers sponsoring football clubs in the Premier League.


As online sports betting grow, so also does the online casino industry. It is increasingly becoming a fierce battle between the pair. We have seen the likes of Newcastle United, West Ham United, Fulham and Everton getting mega millions from casinos. These deals have led to a great increase in the popularity of many casinos.


The online casino industry is reaching new heights every single quarter. The growth of this particular sect of gambling has brought the fun and excitement of Vegas and Macau to every single pocket on Earth. With this new, unprecedented expansion in technology, we can all enjoy our favorite casino games any time we want, whenever we feel like doing so. But there’s still a question that gets raised every once in a while: are these online casinos actually safe? 


Here we’ll explore some of the safety measures that online casinos place, as well as what to look out for the next time you log into a new provider.


Credible Financial Partners 

Like it is the case in football, you need a steady flow of some sort of money source. That’s the only way to play, you have to pay. Sure, there are bonuses and extras given to players. Online casinos offer massive incentives for you to play. But either way you cut it, you’re going to have to provide form financial backing to your gaming. Every time you play a slot online, it takes a chunk from your bankroll. Every time you want to re-up that bankroll, you’ve got to provide authorization for the casino to access your credit card. If the casino deals with notable financial institutions like PayPal, Apple Pay, or MasterCard, then you know there’s a fairly strict level of quality control and regulation. That’s your first key to safety. If not, you might not want to give that institution access.


Casino Security 

Online casinos have a lot to lose. If they get hacked or compromised, this can mean millions upon millions down the drain and in the pocket of some stranger. In order for them to protect against thieves, strict firewalls and security measures are placed to keep everything running smoothly. They have more to lose than you, so rest assured that they’re doing what they can to protect their investment. If there’s a concern about people getting your information, a good strategy is converting your money into bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency, and then using your bitcoin wallet to fund the game.


Personal Protection 

On your end, you might want to beef up your personal computer security as well. Let’s say there’s the unlikely chance that an institution has been compromised. What will you do? If you’re dealing with money online—it could be regular banking or online gambling, it’s recommended that you have a good VPN and a solid antivirus. Most computers have an antivirus already built into their system, but having a few more measures might not be a bad idea. This is where you take on some of the personal responsibility of being a participant online. 


Casinos have built in measures to make sure everyone is safe and clear. This is especially true with online casinos. You’re not looking for people counting cards. There are no massive safes to watch for. What online casinos have to look for are potential thieves and hackers trying to break in. Fortunately, protection from this for large companies is available and used extensively. 


Image: PA Images