Nottingham Forest and Derby County have joined together to take a united stand against obscene, abusive and hate filled social media posts and singing ahead of this weekend’s East Midlands derby.

Issuing a statement ahead of the match between the two sides at the City Ground on Sunday 11th March, the two clubs are determined to clamp down on social media users who post comments of an offensive character and will be taking relevant action against those users.



The statement read: “Individuals should also be aware that in many instances such posts will involve breaches of the criminal law.

By way of example, the respective clubs will adopt a zero-tolerance policy to social media comments designed to promote hatred regarding the death of former Forest owner Nigel Doughty and the tragic Derby house fire in which six young children died.

These topics have been used to cause offence by a tiny minority of supporters in the past. This behaviour sickens the overwhelming number of fans of both clubs and will not be tolerated.

The clubs will look to impose severe sanctions on anyone found to be making comments of this nature.

In addition, both clubs will take strong action against any individual involved in any chanting inside the stadium regarding these or similar topics at this game or on any other matchday.

Both clubs wish to honour and respect the robust nature of the rivalry between them and the passion and desire of their supporters.

However, this must not be seen as an excuse by a tiny minority to engage in criminal and obscene behaviour which causes offence to the huge majority of supporters of both clubs.”


Image: PA Images