The May 2018 deadline for GDPR Compliance is getting closer, and businesses and organisations of every size need to know how they will be affected.

During a celebration of RDS Global’s 20th anniversary, the company’s Technical Director, Rob Kay, spoke about the fast-approaching deadline for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance – while delivering a very important message to small businesses who think they can avoid the upcoming changes in the law.


Play By The Rules


The GDPR law is specific, not an option, and will be enforced by the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office). However, with many smaller businesses feeling blinded by the sheer volume of rhetoric and mantra being pushed from all angles, they may seek to ignore this issue in the belief that they will fly under the radar. This may be true, at least for a little while, but non-compliance will soon catch up with these businesses in ways they might not even realise.


While larger organisations are well prepared for the deadline, an audit of their supply chain will quickly highlight any businesses not playing by the rules like everyone else.


If that doesn’t sound like enough of a warning, it’s worth noting that customers and suppliers alike will insist on your certified compliance in order to continue doing business with you. Remain non-compliant and you will quickly lose customers and clients.


RDS Global’s team of Cyber Defenders will assist your business at all levels and implement the technology needed to safeguard against various types of cyber attack.


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