Gianni Infantino has been elected as the new FIFA President.


Infantino was elected today as the new President of FIFA, world football’s governing body, at the extraordinary congress in Zurich.


The UEFA cadidate received an overall majority in the second round of voting from the 207 present and eligible member associations after the first round of voting saw him lead with 88 votes to Sheihk Salman’s 85 votes.


Prince Ali bin al Hussein received 27 votes in the first round whilst Jerome Champagne received just 7 votes.


The vote followed the final speeches of the five candidates during which Tokyo Sexwale announced his withdrawal from the election leaving only four candidates.


The new President will now lead the reform process that was agreed earlier in the congress which includes proposals for term limits (maximum of 3 x 4-year terms) and the formation of a new FIFA Council to replace the FIFA Executive Committee which will include greater representation of women with a minimum of 6 seats of the 36 available.


The amendments will come into effect 60 days after the close of the congress.